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There’s nothing quite like that first heavy snowfall of the year. Many people in northeast Ohio hate the snow, but I LOVE it. At least until like February. When the snow sticks to the trees and the early morning or evening light makes it all glisten, I just love it so much.

Krista had a vision of this setup at their home in Medina, and asked me to help capture it for her. It truly could not have been a more perfect morning and one of the only reasons I have happily jumped out of bed and stood in the cold at 7am recently. I even took my two older kids in all of their snow gear to play while I did the shoot. Only once did I have to tell our three year old, Quinn, to get her bright pink snow pants out of my shot!

Fun fact: The tree lights were enhanced in post!

Was I a little nervous as Josh rowed them out to the middle of the pond on a freezing cold morning that someone might fall out? YEP! But, if it did happen I had my camera ready to go to capture that as well. And they are some of our closest friends so I wouldn’t feel bad doing that!

Snow is hands down my favorite setting to shoot. All of the white makes my subjects stand out and puts the focus on them. I currently have a wait list for snow sessions. When it does snow, I start at the top and see who is available, since it usually has to be a bit last minute. Locations for snow sessions are flexible and include areas like Akron, Canton, Medina, Wadsworth, North Canton, Cleveland, and many more in northeast Ohio!

Learn more about my family sessions here.

Interested in getting on my snow session waiting list? Let’s chat!

Stay tuned for a blog post about how I shoot in snow, use the light, and set my camera a bit different than my typical sessions!


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