Styling your Portrait Session

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How I can assist you in styling your portrait session

Aside from photographing your family, styling your portrait session is one of my favorite parts of the portrait experience. Whether it’s just two people or an entire brood, pulling outfits that coordinate and photograph beautifully together is part of what I offer for each and every session. Not only does my studio wardrobe contain hundreds of outfits and dresses, I also provide a personalized online styling tool to make your session planning as stress free as possible.

Here’s how styling your portrait session works:

During your studio consultation, we will talk at length about the vibe and details of your session. This includes one of the most important aspects- your wardrobe. You will also be able to sift through all of the outfits in my dressing room to get an idea of what you would like to wear and how we can style your crew.

  1. Following your consultation, I will send over an email with a few reminders as well as a link to my online styling tool. You can select the vibe of your session (Romantic Boho is my personal favorite) so the site knows from which websites to pull outfits.
  2. On the site you enter in the ages and sizes of each person in your portrait session, as well as a couple of color combinations you’d like to check out. The site will then suggest tons of different outfits/dresses/accessories from places like Old Navy and Target, Free People, and even small shops. 
  3. From there you can ‘favorite’ different pieces and then see them altogether for each member of your family to see how they coordinate. You can even add pieces from my studio wardrobe! 
  4. Once you’ve selected your favorite pieces, you can email them to yourself (I will get a copy too) and/or purchase items directly from the site. I recommend sending them to me first as I may have similar pieces for you to use before you purchase anything. 
  5. If you are using any pieces from my studio wardrobe I will make sure they are all steamed and ready to go before your session! If you’d like to pop in for a try on before your portrait session, we can definitely get that scheduled as well!

Now, doesn’t that sound easy?!

As a mom of three under six, I totally understand the stress that people feel comes with family portraits. My number one goal is to take as much of that stress away as possible, starting with styling. If I can remove 19 trips to Old Navy while you plan for your session, I am so happy with that. I like my portrait sessions to be fun and all about the connection between the members of your family. I want you to look back and see happy memories and moments captured from a carefree evening session in a field, or a snuggly session in my studio with the ones you love most. Contact me to learn more about styling your portrait session!


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