Akron Child Photographer


The first year of your baby’s life brings so many milestones and changes. They grow out of those newborn wrinkles and add some big personality. Whether you want to document their first smiles at the sound of your voice around 3 months, beginning to sit up around 6 months, crawling around 9 months, or the start of their walking, I would love to be the one to capture these milestones for you! I have outfits and accessories for all sorts of ages and sizes.  

The first year isn’t the only time for milestone photos of your littles. Set up a shoot for your child’s birthday each year and I will be sure to capture their personality either in studio or at one of my private outdoor locations! Having three young children of my own, I am no stranger to doing ridiculous things to get a natural laugh or smile out of kids for studio sessions. My outdoor milestones usually consist of letting them run through the fields and documenting their curiosity and joy!

Cake Smash

Celebrate your baby’s first birthday by letting them make a mess you’re not solely responsible for cleaning up! After a few family photos and individual portraits of your little one, we’ll bring out the cake and watch delight ensue. A bubble bath in a rustic metal or mini clawfoot tub will make clean-up a little more fun!


You can choose the theme and color scheme, or I can help you design the perfect aesthetic. Whatever details we incorporate, the result will be photographs you’ll cherish of a moment in your life that will have gone by way too fast. 

Average investment is $1500-$2500 for your portrait experience 

Session fees are $350. I  Prints begin at $190  I  Collections begin at $990.

Awake Poses
Cake Smash
In Studio
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